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Message from the Office of the Mayor

"The Office of the President issued Administrative Order No. 39,s. 2013 encouraging all Local Governments Units (LGUs) to establish a government website. In compliance with this mandate, the municipal government of Pandan hereby establish its website pandancatanduanes.gov.ph which will be information about Pandan Hon. Raul E. Tabirara - Municipal Mayor of Pandan - its history, mission, vision, core values,general information, projects, programs and activities, latest news and current products, and tourist attractions. It is hoped that this website will be of great help not only to the LGU butmost of all to our clients."

Mabuhay, Layag Pandan! Let's Go Catanduanes!

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August 2017
New Service Vehicles of LGU Pandan, Catanduanes

New Service Vehicles of LGU Pandan, Catanduanes

True To His Words... SERVICE to PANDANANONS!


9:00am August 9, 2017, Pandan, Catanduanes. - Five (5) 4-wheeled service vehicles acquired by the administration of Mayor Raul Tabirara aimed at delivering services to Pandanon was blessed today by Fr. Jojo Sualibio.

Notable was the MOBILE WATER TREATMENT FACILITY, 1st one acquired by an LGU in the province to prevent water-borne diseases brought about by sudden weather change, prolonged hot seasons and calamities like typhoons.

This will also be serving all schools within the municipality.

July 2017


Enot an akong pagrespeto boda pagtang-oras sa gabos kong mga kahimanwang Pandananon.

Sa gabos na pigtiwaraan nin pandananon, mga opisyales nin barangays, mga kapitan boda kagawad nin gabos na 26 na barangays… sa namamayo nin konseho, ki Vice Mayor Delos Santos boda sa kiyang mahihigos na pag-iriba sa konseho na piglalaoman nin gabos na Pandanon na pirming gagibo nin mga lakdang o measures para sa kadiyagan nin banwa.

December 2016
Seal of 2016 Child Friendly Child Governance

Seal of 2016 Child Friendly Child Governance

Seal of 2016 Child Friendly Child Governance has been conferred to Pandan, Catanduanes by the Council of Welfare of Children.

In PANDAN, we care for our children, we prepare their future, we promise to save the same environment for them.

A better children, a better Future and a better Pandan.