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We are a group of compassionate and dedicated American K-1 visa lawyers with offices in New York, and Manila, Philippines. Our K-1 visa lawyers possess a wealth of experience and knowledge in assisting American citizen petitioners and their Filipino/ Filipina fiancé's throughout the entire K-1 visa process.

When a client retains our services, they can be assured that they will be receiving professional assistance from licensed US lawyers. We work independently without interference from non-lawyer third parties and hold ethics and professionalism to its highest standards. Our clients are treated with respect, dignity and excellence.

By holding offices in the United States and in the Philippines, we are able assist clients throughout all hours of the day which tends to not only ease tension that is commonly associated with the K-1 visa process but it also enables us to develop a long-lasting bond with our clients.

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Pandan ? the home to the oldest festival in Catanduanes ? the Dinahit Festival and the municipality that smiles to you and soon to the world. Pandan is for those who want to experience nature's beauty at its unspoiled, untouched and unexplored best. It is a land of stunning landscape considered as the "True North" of the island province of Catanduanes, lying some 96 km from the capital town of Virac, well away from the trappings of urban life wherein you will experience the warmest and friendliest welcome from Pandananons that is absolutely beyond the usual.

Its geographical location is perhaps its most endearing quality. It offers an abundance of beautiful scenery with the vast expanse of deep blue sea reaching out to the horizon, strewn with lush green hills and mountains and idyllic landscapes of rock formation, streams and waterfalls.Pandan has wholesome outdoor and nightfall activities for explorers and outdoor enthusiasts ? full of fun, thrill and awesome excitement wherein you will discover and appreciate the beauty of nature along the course. It is definitely a total escape from the frantic pace of urban life.Pandan has two former names which was attributed to the earlier settlement of the town ? BINONOAN which means killing and GUINOBATAN which means destroyed. It was again changed to CAPANGDANAN which was soon changed to PANDAN for brevity. No living person in town can remember and no records are available.

The present poblacion of Pandan was established as a regular pueblo (town) in the year 1677, a year after the American colonist declared their independence to Great Britain. A Spanish captain named Don Basilio Rabago y del Barrio led the establishment of this town.

U.S. K-1 Fiancee Visa

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