About Us

About Us

Because business successs comes from helping others have success.

It all started three years ago when we accepted subscriptions and created small business websites. From a few suscriptions, now we cater almost all line of business websites, Resorts, Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Local Retail, Restaurants, Reception/Banquet, Catering, Entertainment, Shopping, Novelty, Services, School and even Municipality and Barangay websites.

We do business networking events often to help our subscribers accelerate and sustain success by making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with other business owners to include in their network and expand their sphere of influence.

We also have a series of sites that lists our subscribers thereby giving them presence on World Wide Web. All of our subscribers gets a listing on one or more of our Explorer 4 Websites, with their logo, a full description and if they have a website of their own, a link to it. The subscribers chooses which of the Explorer 4 sites he wants to be listed on based on his target costumers.

Open 4 Business Online provides Information Technology for Small to Medium sized businesses that don't have it. We give our subscribers most if not all the Software and Services any Small Business might need to grow, all for less than a daily Tall Starbucks.

Open 4 Business Online
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